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How To Attract Affluent Home Buyers…

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Painting for a Home Sale

Making the proper impression is a major factor in attracting prospective home buyers and keeping their interest. One of the best ways to do that when selling a home is to repaint key areas of the home. The entire thing does not necessarily need a new paint job, unless the current one is significantly flawed.

Important areas

According to Paint Quality Institute expert Debbie Zimmer, determining where to apply fresh paint is as much a psychological question as anything else. As a result, the front door can be a key spot. Before prospective buyers come inside, this will form part of their first impression of the property. If it looks shabby, that perception may color their opinions of the rest of the home, even if it is in better condition. Aside from being pleasant in its own right, an attractive front door conveys the impression that the sellers have taken care of the home, a good first impression to make.

The area just inside the door is also important. This is the first part of the home’s interior that prospective buyers will get a clear view of, and can profoundly affect their opinion of the home and their ability to picture themselves living there. Zimmer notes it may be particularly important to look over any rooms where children and pets have spent significant amounts of time. The Washington Post notes that new paint can appeal more strongly to buyers who wish to avoid working on a home themselves, whereas colors they do not care for may cause them to begin thinking about the time or money they would need to spend repainting.


To make it easier for potential future residents to imagine themselves living in the home, Zimmer recommends selecting white, off-white or another quiet color, since these appeal to most people. Home sellers should carefully consider whether to do any repainting themselves, keeping in mind that rushed or visibly unprofessional work may need to be fixed.

One real estate agent told The Washington Post repainting has an added advantage. It can make a home look much better in photographs, an important consideration in an era where buyers commonly examine a number of houses online before determining which to visit.

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Source: Coldwell Banker LLC

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