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Great news if you’re thinking of selling your home: Almost every area in Texas is a seller’s market right now.

That’s certainly the case on my street, where a house recently attracted six offers within 24 hours of the For Sale sign going up. (Four of the offers were above asking price.)

Another house on my street that hit the market last week took all of three days to garner a successful offer.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a similar selling environment, finding a buyer may not be too difficult. Does that mean you should try to sell your home on your own? I wouldn’t. Here are three reasons why:

Setting the right price is crucial. Do you know how much to ask for your home? Making a pricing mistake can cost you a lot of money. But a Texas REALTOR® knows what’s going in your market. He or she can help you analyze the latest data and the specifics of your house to arrive at a price that maximizes your profit.

There’s more to consider than money. How should you handle the termination option? Is the buyer’s earnest money enough? What if the buyer wants to make buying your home contingent on selling her existing home? And if you do get multiple offers, how do you respond to make sure you obtain the highest price possible and the most attractive overall deal?

Getting a buyer is not the same as selling your house. Accepting an offer is only the beginning. Real estate transactions can fall apart for a variety of reasons: financing difficulty, problems discovered during inspections, missed deadlines, contentious follow-up negotiations … even hurt feelings or cold feet. A Texas REALTOR® has experience dealing with potential pitfalls, though, and knows how to minimize problems on the way to a successful closing.


Marty Kramer | Consumer columnist http://www.texasrealestate.com

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